Why You Need a Blazer In Your Life

A classic item for any wardrobe, I think that blazers are more than just a seasonal trend. Pairing a blazer with any outfit instantly elevates it to the next level. For the mornings where you’re busy and need something quick, this is your BFF. Not to mention, #LADYBOSS amiright?



I got this blazer last year and even now I still get compliments about it. My absolute go-to outfit is a t-shirt and jeans. The blazer adds the impression of effort into my outfit #winner. But when I have an event, I can just add the blazer and some heels to a basic outfit and I’m good to go. A great piece to take from day to night.



It’s important to make sure you invest in a good quality blazer that can last you more than one season. While it might hurt your hip pocket now, factoring in cost per wear can sometimes justify the purchase. If you buy an item that you love and will continue to wear for many years then you’re onto a good thing.

The fit of the blazer is also really important, I find that sometimes it can be too constricting in the back, or it just doesn’t sit right. Theres always the option to do the oversized blazer look, also known as the boyfriend blazer, as seen in the photos below.

I don’t think you need much convincing how good a blazer is, but here are some currently available online that I’m crushing over.

New Look Double Breasted Blazer

Glassons Check Blazer

ASOS The Boyfriend Blazer Mix & Match

Cotton On Boyfriend Blazer

Target Double Breasted Longline Blazer

Seed Tailored Blazer

Seed Check Blazer

If you need more reasons, be sure to check out my Pinterest board  for more inspiration.

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SPF made simple

One thing I don’t get excited about in summer is my pale skin turning bright pink in an attempt to get a tan. For those lucky people out there who tan easily, and don’t sunburn, I salute you.

So if I don’t want to be permanently sunburnt I have to find ways to include SPF and sun smart measures in my life.


Such an easy and cute accessory for any outfit. Wide brim hats are really good for keeping the sun off your neck. This summer, straw hats are on trend, and for good reason. They’re so cute and perfect for the beach. This boater hat is so cute at the moment, and even better because it was $12 from Kmart; and looks similar to ones from Lack of Colour but wayyyy cheaper.


Ahh, my sunnies. Honestly, I don’t leave the house without them in summer. They keep your eyes safe from the sun, and put less strain on your eyes, and stylish AF.



Sunscreen can be gross and greasy, but it keeps your skin from ageing any faster than necessary, and who doesn’t love that. Science has come a long way, and thankfully sunscreen doesn’t always have to greasy. I find that using a moisturiser with SPF is easy and convenient. There’s also lip balms with SPF, and the good ole’ tinted moisturiser for those days you can’t be stuffed with foundation. Check out this To Save Face sunscreen from MECCA Cosmetica which has been amazing this summer.


And don’t forget after sun solutions for those times you get burnt. Aloe vera is a great healing agent and feels amazing on sunburn. I always keep a bottle in the fridge.


These travel sized bottles are great for putting in your handbag and use during the day


What do you do to make sure you don’ get major burn? or are you genetically gifted? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading

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WEARING  Dress: Target   Jacket: H&M   Glasses: ANCA Australia  Hat: Kmart            Shoes: Hush Puppies  Bag: from a market

*This post was created out of my own opinion and was not in collaboration with any of the brands mentioned in this post. 

Uni Student Shopping Discounts

Being a uni student has its pros and cons. The cons seem to far outweigh the pros- buying expensive books, spending every waking moment studying, no sleep and not to mention a lack of social life. BUT there is a silver lining to being a uni student I swear!

Being a uni student you can access a plethora of discounts online and in person. From food, fashion, technology and transport you can find a discount for nearly everything.

During first year I came across the holy grail of discounts. Unidays is a website that gives you access to a hoard of discounts, a majority of them belong to fashion brands and websites, but there’s also tech and menswear too.

Here’s just a few of my favourites that you can use as many times as you want:



  • up to 40% HP
  • 10% Apple (on certain products)




There’s always more discounts being introduced. All you need to join up is to have a Uni ID and hey presto! You’re on your way to saving big bucks.

Let me know in comments below if you have any tips or tricks for a great discount!