How to win at shopping sales (Christmas edition)

Christmas is a time for giving. Boxing day is a time for recovery. The day after is a time to be selfish a buy all the things on your Christmas list you didn’t get two days earlier in a hot frenzy of sales. If you’re lucky the shops are also open on boxing day Boxing day (Unfortunately this only applies to certain shops in Adelaide).

While I am thankful it’s never anything like the scenes you see on Black Friday in America, sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming and I walk out of the shops with items of clothing I will never wear and I know it. To help you (and admittedly myself) win at shopping, here are five points to go by:

1. Buy pieces that will fit with your style

One year I bought a pair of burgundy corduroy pants because they were heavily discounted and I thought that I would wear the heck out of them. I was very very wrong. They sat in my drawers and I never thought about them again. Use my mistake as a lesson and don’t buy things on a whim. Look for pieces that fit perfectly with your personal style and can wear with clothes you already own.

2. Use the wishlist button on websites you visit the most

This device is an amazing little tool which needs more praise in my books. Websites like The Iconic send emails when items in your wishlist are on sale, out of stock or back in stock. I also find them really handy when websites have good sales but only on some items, such as end of season sales. This way I can see clearly what I want and see how much its discounted to.

3. Research who stocks the brands you love

Not all sales are created equal. This is a fact. Therefore it literally pays to shop around. Say for example you want a dress from C/MEO Collective, its not just BNKR who stock it. David Jones do, so do The Iconic as well as smaller boutique stores. Get on their mailing list! You never know who has the best deal (or who might stock the “sold-out” dress of your dreams) All that research will be worth it in the end when you get the dress for the best price.

4. Don’t ignore your spam folder

This leads me to my next tip, don’t leave any email unread. Your inbox is a treasure trove of great emails, but so is your junk folder. If not for the fact you could find a really good deal in there, then do it so you have zero notifications. We all know one person who has 4,897 unread emails. Not to mention, at Christmas time, I am overloaded by emails, and the best sale could be in the email I didn’t read.

5. Invest in high quality items

While many link quality pieces with expensive price tags, I like to see them as investment pieces. The core pieces in a wardrobe should be the best quality as they are the foundation of your outfit. Your go-to items like straight jeans, a white shirt, a great blazer and stylish shoes are things you shouldn’t skimp on. You know that you will always come back to these items so ensure you have the best you can get (within your budget of course).

Remember, its only a bargain if you were already going to buy it!

P.S if you’re a university student don’t forget to check out my previous post about all the cool discounts you can get through Unidays for places like Forever New, Asos, The Iconic, Shopbop and waay more

Let me know what you think, and what your tips are for winning at sales in the comments below. Happy Holidays!


Discount Diaries Christmas Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for giving! The christmas fever has set in and everyone is rushing to the shops. We all need a bit of help to find the perfect gift. If it’s for your sister, mum, secret santa or even yourself. The killer about gift giving and Christmas time, is the amount of money you spend on presents for your loved ones. I have compiled a list below of things that I would love as a gift based on price. I hope this helps or gives you the inspiration you need!


These are great stocking fillers or gifts for secret santa. You don’t need to spend a lot to make an impact!

Typo Phone lens $5.00- $29.95 (lots of different filters, cheaper online than in store)

Myer Arnott’s Personalised Tim Tams $9.99

Kmart BYS Peach Eyeshadow Palette $12 (In store only!)

Cotton On Tolve Turkish Towel $15

Big W Turtles All the way Down, John Green $16

Mecca Maxima Too Faced Better than Sex ornament $17

David Jones Glasshouse fragrances triple scented mini candle Rio $18.95

Myer Lonely Planet best in Travel 2017 $20

Booktopia The Subtle Art of Not giving a F*ck $22.50

gift guide 2017 4


These are perfect for your BFF or sister. Personalised items are becoming really popular, phones, purses, food, anything! The Candle Establishment was the official partner for Adelaide Fashion Festival this year and their candles smell amazing! The Bare Minerals trio are such beautiful colours as well.

Kikki.k 2018 A5 weekly diary: sweet $34.95

Mecca Maxima Bare Minerals Send Nudes Liquid Lipcolor Trio $41

Pandora Shinning stars earrings $45

Pandora Shimmering Wishbone ring $49

The Daily Edited Personalised Phone Case $49.95

The Candle Establishment Large Rose and Blackcurrant candle $49.95

Gift Guide 2017UNDER $100

A gift for yourself perhaps? Or a hint for your parents? With Summer coming a new pair of sunnies are a necessity. And who doesn’t want a pouch with their name on it?

66 The Label Silk Scarf $66

The Iconic Le Specs Jealous Games Sunglasses $69.95

Sportsgirl Circle Basket Sling Bag $79.95

Lush Christmas Bath Time Favourites $89.95

The Daily Edited Personalised Pouch $89.95


OVER $100

Treat yourself for all the hard work you did this year. You deserve it. Si is divine, my favourite perfume ever, and that’s a bargain price! Hey mum, if you’re reading this can you get me the Dyson Hairdryer?

Mecca Maxima Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette Vol. 3 $117

Priceline Giorgio Armani Si Eu De Parfum 100ml $129

The Iconic The Horse The Original Watch $149

Mimco Daydream Hip Bag $199

David Jones Dyson supersonic hair dryer $499

The most important part is that the gift is thoughtful and comes from the heart. I would love to know your thoughts on this post.

*This post was not sponsored by anyone mentioned above, I generally love everything here. Although I’m too poor for a $500 hair dryer, one can dream right?

Birthday goodies: vouchers and freebies

It was my birthday last week, and one of the best things about my birthday are all the freebies and coupons I get emailed coming up to the big day. There’s nothing better than a free food and a $20 voucher.

So I thought I’d share with you a list of companies who send me emails for my birthday, just by signing up!


Forever New 15% off (they just brought out a new activewear range!)

Converse 20% off

The Iconic 20% off

Lorna Jane 20% off

Topshop 20% off

New Look 20% off

Tony Bianco $30 voucher

Mimco $30 voucher

Katies $20 voucher

Witchery $20 voucher

Jo Mercer $20 voucher


Sumo Salad Free deli salad

Boost Free original drink

Salsas Free burrito

San Churros Free churros

Gloria Jeans Free coffee

Nandos A free meal


Mecca Level 1 Free designated beauty product

The Body Shop $10 voucher (online only)

Priceline $5 voucher


QANTAS offer a variety of discounts on their online mall

Kikki.k $10 voucher

Which of these emails do you get? I’d love to know if there any others you receive. Thanks for reading!

Laura xx

Surviving the Christmas Sales

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great day and ate your weight in food.

Boxing Day is one of the most biggest shopping days of the year, and also one of the most cutthroat and stressful days. I love the crazy atmosphere, rushing to get the good stuff first, and saving some money along the way.

Hopefully, your Boxing Day shopping is successful this year, and to make it better, I’m sharing some of my tips to make it even better!

Know What you Want- Make a Wishlist

Boxing Day shopping is a time to go crazy in the shops and rush around look for the best bargains. However, most of the time, they put out the crappy stuff they want to get rid of, last seasons collections, and low stock items.

Try looking past the things you can normally buy, like makeup, bathers, shoes; and look towards grabbing a deal on big ticket items and investment pieces. That bag you always wanted, those expensive jeans or a dress for a special occasion. Even now is a great time to buy luxury kitchen appliances, or even a car! (Nows a great time because they have to get rid of the 2016 models, and people are more interested in buying presents than cars)

Making wish lists on websites you know are going to have sales is a perfect way to save time looking through dozens of pages.

Research Who’s got What Sales

By now you might have already gotten emails or seen on social media places who have already started their Boxing Day sales, or have a preview of whats to come. So make sure you scroll through your emails, Instagram, or Facebook for the best sales. I’m quite partial to David jones, as they have a wide variety of brands and all in one convenient place with great sales.

Get in early

Ongoing from the last tip, make sure you hop online or get to your favourite stores super early to get a good spot in line. It might be a horde of people, but some of the smaller stores have line ups to get in. So don’t go to bed too late! At least they open at 11 here in Adelaide.

Keep to your Budget

This can really kill anybody’s good mood, spending too much money. Those pants you’ve just spotted are spectacular and you don’t have a pair like them, but can you afford that extra 50 bucks? It might become overwhelming and you might go crazy, but you will feel better if you stick to your budget. Trust me, I bought ‘those pants’ at a boxing day sale once and I’ve never worn them.

Eye on the prize

I’ll be running straight to the clothing section, looking for summer pieces to add. But will I stop at the shoes, or the luggage section? Well, I hope not! If you have your heart set on something, you need to get to it as quick as possible, because 20 other girls probably want it too.

Know your refund rights

A lot of stores are extending their time to exchange or refund gifts to about half way through January. So don’t worry if you don’t like the present that much or it doesn’t fit well, you can always get something better.

My Boxing Day Picks



What is your best advice on shopping on Boxing day? I’d love to know! Thanks for reading

Laura x

5 Facial Masks for Under $15



Spring is finally here! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the weather is better than ever. This winter was especially cold and wet, and hibernating sounded pretty good. But the lack of sun may have played havoc on your skin. I know mine’s looking a bit dull, like it needs a good pampering to look alive again.

Because of this, I’ve decided to put together a list of my go-to facial masks and peels for you to check out, and even better, they’re all less than $15!


  1. Formula 10.0.6 Keep Your Cool Breakout Calming Mask $9.50

It reminds me of minty candy canes at Christmas. The creamy gel cools down angry blemishes; and also makes my skin feel soft and supple. It’s really interesting because it’s not necessary to wash it off, so it’s great for overnight.

  1. Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On Brightening Peel Off Mask $8.99

This creamy peel off mask smells delicious! While it dries it feels like it’s tightening your skin, getting out any impurities. And because it dries clear, you can pretend you’re a wax doll at Madame Tussauds. Although, it may take a few times for your skin to appear visibly brighter and more lively, its worth it for under $10.


  1. Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque $11.69

Sukin’s mask is made of all things green. Avocado, kale, spirulina, and even parsley are used for their antioxidants and vitamins. I can not make this up, like seriously, avocado?!? Maybe because Sukin is dedicated to using natural products, it feels more soothing and calming than some of the others I’ve tried. I’ll give this one a go and use it at least twice a week I think.


  1. Formula 10.0.6 Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask $8.99

This mud mask just reminds me of spring! With scents like bergamot and orange, it freshens my skin instantly to leave it feeling clean and alive after hiding all winter.

  1. Swisse Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask $12.39

Oh man, this is good! It’s fast drying clay makes it less time consuming and makes my face feel really fresh and clean. It has a subtle smell of honey, and we can’t forget to mention the cute packaging.



What’s your favourite mask for spring? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

*At the moment Priceline have 20% off Formula.10.0.6 products (2/10/16)