Surviving Long Haul Travel

As I write this I am flying over the pacific ocean crammed in economy. The humidity is low and the aircon is up high. I can feel the life of me being sucked dry from my face. Not even an abundance of movies can distract me from the impending pimples and cracked lips that comes with the dry atmosphere of a plane. But I have a solution to this issue, and it includes setting up a facial station on my lap.

Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love having a mini facial on the plane? People tend to get too comfy on plane rides, so why not give it a go, all You have to lose is the respect of the complete strangers you’re flying with.


I like to make sure I use clean hands with hand sanitiser, and then use micellar water and cotton pads to clean my face. I would prefer to use a cleaner and wash my face, but I don’t trust the cleanliness on planes.


After cleaning my face, I need to make sure to put the good stuff and hydration back in. I start with a calming and hydrating toner by Mario Badescu. Containing aloe vera and lavender, it soothes my skin and smells good.


The skin around your eyes is thinner and more susceptible to damage and losing their moisture. I used an eye cream with hyaluronic acid in it to make sure the area is extra hydrated. Mario Badescu has an amazing eye cream containing hyaluronic acid.

My skin specialist said that you should put the eye cream on the skin over the eye socket bone, as the area has fewer pores, the cream will migrate upwards.


I then use a hydrating moisturiser to keep all the goodness in. I used a very hydrating mask by Sportsgirl, but unfortunately they don’t stock it anymore. Estée Lauder advanced night repair serum is a great option because its packed with hyaluronic acid. Clinique’s moisture surge is another that I have stated using and find it very hydrating. These 2 choices are a bit pricey so I recommend get samples or smaller version to try it out.


My lips were so dry during the flight, it was unbelievable! It would be a good idea to have lip balm within arms reach at all times. I nearly had a split lip by the end of the flight. I really like this lip balm from Mecca designed for overnight moisture. In hindsight, whenever you wake up mid flight, I recommend reapplying your lip balm.


A good hand cream is always essential, your hands can dry up just as much as your face. I enjoyed a hand cream by Grown Alchemist. It smelt so nice and does a good job. Be sure to rub it into your nails and cuticles too.

Before descent

In the last hour before landing, I put on an eye mask to make sure I didn’t look like a zombie. I used a Skyn Iceland eye mask.While it says only 20 minutes on the packaging, I kept it on for about 40 minutes. Much better.

As I walk off the plane, I’m glad no new pimples have arisen overnight, and that my under eyes are hydrated. I’ll remember the lip balm for the plane back. But in the meantime I will apply it rigorously!

What are your tips for surviving plane rides, skincare or otherwise, be sure to pop them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, Laura xx


Recently I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Clarisonic. I’ve always had breakouts and decided that I wanted to have my skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom. I bought the Clarisonic Mia 2 and I’ve been using it for about 6 months now.

I am not lying when I say my skin feels about a million times better. It’s clear and so so soft, and some of my scarring has even reduced with use. They say it’s 6X better than hands alone, and I’d believe that wholeheartedly.  I ummed and ahhed over their products for about a year. That was mainly due of the price. But think of it this way: this is an investment piece. You are investing in your skin. This device will last me a great deal of time if I take care of it so I believe that the product is definitely worth it. (Hint: buy one when they have sales or special deals on- I got 2 free extra brush heads with mine!)

I wish I’d gone out and bought this earlier. The cheap copies just aren’t the same, trust me, I tried them. Let me know if you have a Clarisonic and if you love it as much as I do!


Thanks for reading

Laura xx




*These opinions are entirely my own and was not sponsored by any companies mentioned in the post.

Birthday goodies: vouchers and freebies

It was my birthday last week, and one of the best things about my birthday are all the freebies and coupons I get emailed coming up to the big day. There’s nothing better than a free food and a $20 voucher.

So I thought I’d share with you a list of companies who send me emails for my birthday, just by signing up!


Forever New 15% off (they just brought out a new activewear range!)

Converse 20% off

The Iconic 20% off

Lorna Jane 20% off

Topshop 20% off

New Look 20% off

Tony Bianco $30 voucher

Mimco $30 voucher

Katies $20 voucher

Witchery $20 voucher

Jo Mercer $20 voucher


Sumo Salad Free deli salad

Boost Free original drink

Salsas Free burrito

San Churros Free churros

Gloria Jeans Free coffee

Nandos A free meal


Mecca Level 1 Free designated beauty product

The Body Shop $10 voucher (online only)

Priceline $5 voucher


QANTAS offer a variety of discounts on their online mall

Kikki.k $10 voucher

Which of these emails do you get? I’d love to know if there any others you receive. Thanks for reading!

Laura xx

SPF made simple

One thing I don’t get excited about in summer is my pale skin turning bright pink in an attempt to get a tan. For those lucky people out there who tan easily, and don’t sunburn, I salute you.

So if I don’t want to be permanently sunburnt I have to find ways to include SPF and sun smart measures in my life.


Such an easy and cute accessory for any outfit. Wide brim hats are really good for keeping the sun off your neck. This summer, straw hats are on trend, and for good reason. They’re so cute and perfect for the beach. This boater hat is so cute at the moment, and even better because it was $12 from Kmart; and looks similar to ones from Lack of Colour but wayyyy cheaper.


Ahh, my sunnies. Honestly, I don’t leave the house without them in summer. They keep your eyes safe from the sun, and put less strain on your eyes, and stylish AF.



Sunscreen can be gross and greasy, but it keeps your skin from ageing any faster than necessary, and who doesn’t love that. Science has come a long way, and thankfully sunscreen doesn’t always have to greasy. I find that using a moisturiser with SPF is easy and convenient. There’s also lip balms with SPF, and the good ole’ tinted moisturiser for those days you can’t be stuffed with foundation. Check out this To Save Face sunscreen from MECCA Cosmetica which has been amazing this summer.


And don’t forget after sun solutions for those times you get burnt. Aloe vera is a great healing agent and feels amazing on sunburn. I always keep a bottle in the fridge.


These travel sized bottles are great for putting in your handbag and use during the day


What do you do to make sure you don’ get major burn? or are you genetically gifted? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading

Laura xox

WEARING  Dress: Target   Jacket: H&M   Glasses: ANCA Australia  Hat: Kmart            Shoes: Hush Puppies  Bag: from a market

*This post was created out of my own opinion and was not in collaboration with any of the brands mentioned in this post. 

5 Facial Masks for Under $15



Spring is finally here! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the weather is better than ever. This winter was especially cold and wet, and hibernating sounded pretty good. But the lack of sun may have played havoc on your skin. I know mine’s looking a bit dull, like it needs a good pampering to look alive again.

Because of this, I’ve decided to put together a list of my go-to facial masks and peels for you to check out, and even better, they’re all less than $15!


  1. Formula 10.0.6 Keep Your Cool Breakout Calming Mask $9.50

It reminds me of minty candy canes at Christmas. The creamy gel cools down angry blemishes; and also makes my skin feel soft and supple. It’s really interesting because it’s not necessary to wash it off, so it’s great for overnight.

  1. Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On Brightening Peel Off Mask $8.99

This creamy peel off mask smells delicious! While it dries it feels like it’s tightening your skin, getting out any impurities. And because it dries clear, you can pretend you’re a wax doll at Madame Tussauds. Although, it may take a few times for your skin to appear visibly brighter and more lively, its worth it for under $10.


  1. Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque $11.69

Sukin’s mask is made of all things green. Avocado, kale, spirulina, and even parsley are used for their antioxidants and vitamins. I can not make this up, like seriously, avocado?!? Maybe because Sukin is dedicated to using natural products, it feels more soothing and calming than some of the others I’ve tried. I’ll give this one a go and use it at least twice a week I think.


  1. Formula 10.0.6 Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask $8.99

This mud mask just reminds me of spring! With scents like bergamot and orange, it freshens my skin instantly to leave it feeling clean and alive after hiding all winter.

  1. Swisse Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask $12.39

Oh man, this is good! It’s fast drying clay makes it less time consuming and makes my face feel really fresh and clean. It has a subtle smell of honey, and we can’t forget to mention the cute packaging.



What’s your favourite mask for spring? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

*At the moment Priceline have 20% off Formula.10.0.6 products (2/10/16)