Statement Earrings

I’m loving statement earrings right now. They’re a really easy way to uplift any outfit. They’re excellent for self-expression and the wide variety can really show your off your individuality.

I really love gold accents at the moment (as you can tell!) and these earrings don’t disappoint. Silver accents are also high on the list, it’s like choosing between 2 cute puppies.

statement earrings 1

statement earrings 3

statement earrings 2

Here are my picks that don’t cost an arm and a leg!


Clique Mag and Fashion Journal are some magazines going around that I really enjoy reading them online and on paper, you can find them at your local cafe or hit the links!

Birthday goodies: vouchers and freebies

It was my birthday last week, and one of the best things about my birthday are all the freebies and coupons I get emailed coming up to the big day. There’s nothing better than a free food and a $20 voucher.

So I thought I’d share with you a list of companies who send me emails for my birthday, just by signing up!


Forever New 15% off (they just brought out a new activewear range!)

Converse 20% off

The Iconic 20% off

Lorna Jane 20% off

Topshop 20% off

New Look 20% off

Tony Bianco $30 voucher

Mimco $30 voucher

Katies $20 voucher

Witchery $20 voucher

Jo Mercer $20 voucher


Sumo Salad Free deli salad

Boost Free original drink

Salsas Free burrito

San Churros Free churros

Gloria Jeans Free coffee

Nandos A free meal


Mecca Level 1 Free designated beauty product

The Body Shop $10 voucher (online only)

Priceline $5 voucher


QANTAS offer a variety of discounts on their online mall

Kikki.k $10 voucher

Which of these emails do you get? I’d love to know if there any others you receive. Thanks for reading!

Laura xx

SPF made simple

One thing I don’t get excited about in summer is my pale skin turning bright pink in an attempt to get a tan. For those lucky people out there who tan easily, and don’t sunburn, I salute you.

So if I don’t want to be permanently sunburnt I have to find ways to include SPF and sun smart measures in my life.


Such an easy and cute accessory for any outfit. Wide brim hats are really good for keeping the sun off your neck. This summer, straw hats are on trend, and for good reason. They’re so cute and perfect for the beach. This boater hat is so cute at the moment, and even better because it was $12 from Kmart; and looks similar to ones from Lack of Colour but wayyyy cheaper.


Ahh, my sunnies. Honestly, I don’t leave the house without them in summer. They keep your eyes safe from the sun, and put less strain on your eyes, and stylish AF.



Sunscreen can be gross and greasy, but it keeps your skin from ageing any faster than necessary, and who doesn’t love that. Science has come a long way, and thankfully sunscreen doesn’t always have to greasy. I find that using a moisturiser with SPF is easy and convenient. There’s also lip balms with SPF, and the good ole’ tinted moisturiser for those days you can’t be stuffed with foundation. Check out this To Save Face sunscreen from MECCA Cosmetica which has been amazing this summer.


And don’t forget after sun solutions for those times you get burnt. Aloe vera is a great healing agent and feels amazing on sunburn. I always keep a bottle in the fridge.


These travel sized bottles are great for putting in your handbag and use during the day


What do you do to make sure you don’ get major burn? or are you genetically gifted? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading

Laura xox

WEARING  Dress: Target   Jacket: H&M   Glasses: ANCA Australia  Hat: Kmart            Shoes: Hush Puppies  Bag: from a market

*This post was created out of my own opinion and was not in collaboration with any of the brands mentioned in this post. 


Happy new year everyone! I hope 2016 was as happy, successful and enjoyable as you hoped it would be. I put myself out there last year starting this blog, and I had the most amazing time and intend to continue expanding my presence.

Looking onto 2017, I expect it to be hard, but also rewarding in many ways. It’s my last year of uni, so I’m excited to start taking on more responsibility and finally leave uni. I guess I have to become an adult someday hey? Oh well!

I don’t really make resolutions on New years eve, but I’m determined to work hard and expand my knowledge and meet new people who will make positive impacts on me.


(Typo diary) (my attempt to be organised… we’ll see how it goes)

Goals? Well, does drinking less alcohol count? That’s always a good one isn’t it. And I’m determined to eat healthier too; new year, new me and all that. But seriously, I really need to just not procrastinate because that’s what kills me. I wish I was organised, but I get distracted so easily! But I do plan on posting at least 3 posts a month (hopefully). And according to my zodiac this year’s meant to be kick-ass for me, it’s in my retrograde or something…

Anyways, what goals and resolutions have you made for 2017? I’d love to know what your plans are! 

keep doin’ your thang (can I say thang?)

Laura xox

Surviving the Christmas Sales

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great day and ate your weight in food.

Boxing Day is one of the most biggest shopping days of the year, and also one of the most cutthroat and stressful days. I love the crazy atmosphere, rushing to get the good stuff first, and saving some money along the way.

Hopefully, your Boxing Day shopping is successful this year, and to make it better, I’m sharing some of my tips to make it even better!

Know What you Want- Make a Wishlist

Boxing Day shopping is a time to go crazy in the shops and rush around look for the best bargains. However, most of the time, they put out the crappy stuff they want to get rid of, last seasons collections, and low stock items.

Try looking past the things you can normally buy, like makeup, bathers, shoes; and look towards grabbing a deal on big ticket items and investment pieces. That bag you always wanted, those expensive jeans or a dress for a special occasion. Even now is a great time to buy luxury kitchen appliances, or even a car! (Nows a great time because they have to get rid of the 2016 models, and people are more interested in buying presents than cars)

Making wish lists on websites you know are going to have sales is a perfect way to save time looking through dozens of pages.

Research Who’s got What Sales

By now you might have already gotten emails or seen on social media places who have already started their Boxing Day sales, or have a preview of whats to come. So make sure you scroll through your emails, Instagram, or Facebook for the best sales. I’m quite partial to David jones, as they have a wide variety of brands and all in one convenient place with great sales.

Get in early

Ongoing from the last tip, make sure you hop online or get to your favourite stores super early to get a good spot in line. It might be a horde of people, but some of the smaller stores have line ups to get in. So don’t go to bed too late! At least they open at 11 here in Adelaide.

Keep to your Budget

This can really kill anybody’s good mood, spending too much money. Those pants you’ve just spotted are spectacular and you don’t have a pair like them, but can you afford that extra 50 bucks? It might become overwhelming and you might go crazy, but you will feel better if you stick to your budget. Trust me, I bought ‘those pants’ at a boxing day sale once and I’ve never worn them.

Eye on the prize

I’ll be running straight to the clothing section, looking for summer pieces to add. But will I stop at the shoes, or the luggage section? Well, I hope not! If you have your heart set on something, you need to get to it as quick as possible, because 20 other girls probably want it too.

Know your refund rights

A lot of stores are extending their time to exchange or refund gifts to about half way through January. So don’t worry if you don’t like the present that much or it doesn’t fit well, you can always get something better.

My Boxing Day Picks



What is your best advice on shopping on Boxing day? I’d love to know! Thanks for reading

Laura x

Life After high school

You’ve graduated, school is over, schoolies is over, and you’re waiting for you ATAR results impatiently. You feel like your whole life might depend on this score, and for some that might be right. But I’m here to tell you, if you don’t get the score you were after, your life isn’t going to shatter into a million pieces. And if you get the score you want, congratulations! You’ve earned it! As a uni student, here are some things I wish someone told me after graduating, instead finding out myself and looking like an idiot doing it.

Nobody cares about your ATAR score after high school
I know, the number you worked all year to get is useless after getting into uni. I remember comparing mine with my friends as the came out in excitement. But at uni you forget all about them. Seriously nobody cares. I know, I was kinda shocked too.

Lots of people still don’t have a ‘plan’
Some people go to uni because they don’t know what else to do, or they like to learn. As an arts student, I found that a lot of people were studying Arts because they didn’t know what they wanted to do. I thought, Why are you spending money on courses when you don’t know what you wanna do?!? Why?! Save yourself! Moral of the story: it’s okay if you don’t have a plan either. No rush!

Experiences are priceless
Fresh out of high school, people expect you to A) go do some higher education, B) get a job or C) have a gap year. Sometimes I wish I had a gap year, and just did things that were out of my comfort zone. Gone on a solo trip, a music festival, drove around Australia, just life experiences.

You’re going to lose friends and make new ones
I assure you that after high school you’re going to loose touch with some friends, but you will make new ones. It’s only natural that some people figure out you don’t have anything in common other than the fact you went to the same school, and drift apart. The friends you make after at Tafe or Uni will have common goals and similarities and you can complain about assignments and other people together. These friendships will be different, but ultimately just as important!

No matter what you do after high school, make sure you please no one but yourself, and take your time because life is a marathon (corny I know, but it’s true).

What do you think? What advice would you share? I’d love to know, thanks for reading!

Laura x

5 Ways To Easily Save Money

Sometimes things pop up and you need money fast- a birthday, unexpected bill, or you just really need to treat yourself with that dress that’s just gone on sale. So it’s important for you to find ways that suit your lifestyle and everyday expenses to save up for these things. Birthdays, holidays, credit cards and bills can dwindle your dollars faster than you can say ‘Merry Christmas’. Since I started getting paid fortnightly, I’ve been taking up simple ways to save money to make sure I live through the week.

Here are 5 easy things that you can do to save mega bucks over the year:

  1. Put money away once a week

This is probably the simplest way of saving money. Even if you put away $20 a week, you could save up to $1000 in a year Another good idea is to chuck all your coins in a tin, and you’ll be surprised how quickly it can all add up.

  1. Set up automatic transfers to another account

This is another easy way to put money away for a rainy day. Setting up automatic transactions is pretty easy nowadays. In store, online or via your banking app- you have nowhere to hide. You can put away as much as you want, and still access it easily in an emergency.

  1. Bring food and drinks from home

Bringing your own lunch and drinks with you can save you a lot of money pretty quickly. Make a cute salad, or make bigger portions for dinner and bring the leftovers for lunch. Either way, you’re saving yourself big bucks over time.

  1. cut down on coffee

Ok, this does sound a bit crazy, but, making your own coffee and bringing it with you in a reusable cup is super easy and budget friendly. There are some really cool designs out there; I really like KeepCup’s design because they’re really colourful, and T2’sthermos keeps my coffee warm for a long time.

  1. Make a budget

I found that since I started getting paid fortnightly, it’s been really helpful to make a budget, so I can track how much I’m spending. Using the 50/30/20 method (50% living, 30% lifestyle, 20% savings) has been a really useful tool. Even though I’m living pay to pay, it doesn’t feel like it, and I know exactly where my money is going.

I hope you find these tips helpful and can incorporate some into your lifestyle!

What do you do to save money? Thanks for reading lovelies!

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