Shopping Local this Christmas

Today is the first weekend of December and Christmas is just around the corner! During November I kept seeing more and more creative locals from not only Adelaide but Australia step up and design some excellent pieces. Obviously, there are some Aussie brands which have exploded to global proportions, but I have started to enjoy local small businesses and the quality of their work. Here are some of my favourites I have come across at local markets and on social media which would make perfect Christmas present.



Brit Creative,  Cinquante,  Winter and Wyld,  The Wolf Gang,  Tiff Manuell,  Naomi Murrell

Cute earrings made with love and care, or unique shoes made for the festive season.



Frank Body,   Oh Deer Sugar,   Sand and Sky

A scented bath bomb, body scrub, or face mask to perk up your Sundays.


Dots Pots,   The Candle Establishment,  Jasmine Dowling,   The Handmade Candle

For the unique art to hang on that empty pice of wall, or the perfect scent to fill your room.

Food & Drinks

Bird in Hand,   Haigh’s Chocolate,  Charlesworth Nuts

Celebrate Christmas with local wine, chocolate and nuts.


What local brands do you love? comment below!

Thanks for reading,


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