Why You Need a Blazer In Your Life

A classic item for any wardrobe, I think that blazers are more than just a seasonal trend. Pairing a blazer with any outfit instantly elevates it to the next level. For the mornings where you’re busy and need something quick, this is your BFF. Not to mention, #LADYBOSS amiright?



I got this blazer last year and even now I still get compliments about it. My absolute go-to outfit is a t-shirt and jeans. The blazer adds the impression of effort into my outfit #winner. But when I have an event, I can just add the blazer and some heels to a basic outfit and I’m good to go. A great piece to take from day to night.



It’s important to make sure you invest in a good quality blazer that can last you more than one season. While it might hurt your hip pocket now, factoring in cost per wear can sometimes justify the purchase. If you buy an item that you love and will continue to wear for many years then you’re onto a good thing.

The fit of the blazer is also really important, I find that sometimes it can be too constricting in the back, or it just doesn’t sit right. Theres always the option to do the oversized blazer look, also known as the boyfriend blazer, as seen in the photos below.

I don’t think you need much convincing how good a blazer is, but here are some currently available online that I’m crushing over.

New Look Double Breasted Blazer

Glassons Check Blazer

ASOS The Boyfriend Blazer Mix & Match

Cotton On Boyfriend Blazer

Target Double Breasted Longline Blazer

Seed Tailored Blazer

Seed Check Blazer

If you need more reasons, be sure to check out my Pinterest board  for more inspiration.

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One thought on “Why You Need a Blazer In Your Life

  1. I definitely agree. You could be wearing the simplest outfit and once you throw a blazer on it elevates the outfit so much!! Everyone has to have at least one. 👌🏼
    -Brian M

    I’m also doing a giveaway on my blog if you wanna check it out! https://wp.me/p9PJW1-3H

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