Happy new year everyone! I hope 2016 was as happy, successful and enjoyable as you hoped it would be. I put myself out there last year starting this blog, and I had the most amazing time and intend to continue expanding my presence.

Looking onto 2017, I expect it to be hard, but also rewarding in many ways. It’s my last year of uni, so I’m excited to start taking on more responsibility and finally leave uni. I guess I have to become an adult someday hey? Oh well!

I don’t really make resolutions on New years eve, but I’m determined to work hard and expand my knowledge and meet new people who will make positive impacts on me.


(Typo diary) (my attempt to be organised… we’ll see how it goes)

Goals? Well, does drinking less alcohol count? That’s always a good one isn’t it. And I’m determined to eat healthier too; new year, new me and all that. But seriously, I really need to just not procrastinate because that’s what kills me. I wish I was organised, but I get distracted so easily! But I do plan on posting at least 3 posts a month (hopefully). And according to my zodiac this year’s meant to be kick-ass for me, it’s in my retrograde or something…

Anyways, what goals and resolutions have you made for 2017? I’d love to know what your plans are! 

keep doin’ your thang (can I say thang?)

Laura xox

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