Surviving the Christmas Sales

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a great day and ate your weight in food.

Boxing Day is one of the most biggest shopping days of the year, and also one of the most cutthroat and stressful days. I love the crazy atmosphere, rushing to get the good stuff first, and saving some money along the way.

Hopefully, your Boxing Day shopping is successful this year, and to make it better, I’m sharing some of my tips to make it even better!

Know What you Want- Make a Wishlist

Boxing Day shopping is a time to go crazy in the shops and rush around look for the best bargains. However, most of the time, they put out the crappy stuff they want to get rid of, last seasons collections, and low stock items.

Try looking past the things you can normally buy, like makeup, bathers, shoes; and look towards grabbing a deal on big ticket items and investment pieces. That bag you always wanted, those expensive jeans or a dress for a special occasion. Even now is a great time to buy luxury kitchen appliances, or even a car! (Nows a great time because they have to get rid of the 2016 models, and people are more interested in buying presents than cars)

Making wish lists on websites you know are going to have sales is a perfect way to save time looking through dozens of pages.

Research Who’s got What Sales

By now you might have already gotten emails or seen on social media places who have already started their Boxing Day sales, or have a preview of whats to come. So make sure you scroll through your emails, Instagram, or Facebook for the best sales. I’m quite partial to David jones, as they have a wide variety of brands and all in one convenient place with great sales.

Get in early

Ongoing from the last tip, make sure you hop online or get to your favourite stores super early to get a good spot in line. It might be a horde of people, but some of the smaller stores have line ups to get in. So don’t go to bed too late! At least they open at 11 here in Adelaide.

Keep to your Budget

This can really kill anybody’s good mood, spending too much money. Those pants you’ve just spotted are spectacular and you don’t have a pair like them, but can you afford that extra 50 bucks? It might become overwhelming and you might go crazy, but you will feel better if you stick to your budget. Trust me, I bought ‘those pants’ at a boxing day sale once and I’ve never worn them.

Eye on the prize

I’ll be running straight to the clothing section, looking for summer pieces to add. But will I stop at the shoes, or the luggage section? Well, I hope not! If you have your heart set on something, you need to get to it as quick as possible, because 20 other girls probably want it too.

Know your refund rights

A lot of stores are extending their time to exchange or refund gifts to about half way through January. So don’t worry if you don’t like the present that much or it doesn’t fit well, you can always get something better.

My Boxing Day Picks



What is your best advice on shopping on Boxing day? I’d love to know! Thanks for reading

Laura x

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